We are a local group that offers basketball training for Individuals, Small Groups & Teams. Training areas include: ball handling, dynamic offense & defense concepts, as well as shooting and passing drills. We also offer specialized training with “The Gun” shooting machine to perfect your athlete’s shot. As well as the VertiMax to improve expolosiveness.

Gamechangers is committed to providing athletes with the tools & training needed to take their game to the next level.
— Alex Kayode, Founder


GameChangers believes that the best way to improve your game is to simulate game situations in a practice setting. We look forward to working with you to Improve and Change your Game! 

Coach K pushes the kids enough without killing their confidence. We’ve been to other clinics where the ratio of coach to kid is about 1 to 20. Coach K keeps the classes small enough that the kids are willing to push themselves. I see the improvements and look forward to the training sessions.
— Will Y., Parent